Home Owner Tips December 27, 2023

Sauna kit with “built-in” look and feel to easily dismantle and take with when you move!

How beautiful is this bathroom with sauna?
If you really want a sauna but understand the cost of putting one in doesn’t always equate to the value you get when selling (talking dollar to dollar value not enjoyment value that you get in the meantime using the sauna), consider a sauna kit!
This new bathroom was added to an unfinished basement. The area around the sauna was beautifully framed in, giving the sauna a “built in” look and feel. We love it!
Sauna kits don’t require framing in, so that part would be optional depending on how long you expect to live in the home.
When it comes time to move, the kit can be disassembled and any necessary touch ups can be made to the area, leaving a nice bathroom addition for the next owners!
All that being said, enjoy the home you live in. Do the things that make you happy! The value of happiness can outweigh the dollar value of home improvements. You decide and be happy 🥰
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